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Join us for a workday at the AI Innovation Center

Open Office Day

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

9:00 - 17:00
AI Innovation Center
at High Tech Campus Eindhoven

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Imagine a workday...

Surrounded by AI enthusiasts and skilled data engineers, all passionate about data and artificial intelligence, within an ecosystem that breathes innovation.

Join us on April 3rd for the Open Office Day to: 
Network with like-minded individuals.
⬛ Work in our coworking area and connect with the AI Innovation Center's team.
⬛ Join us for lunch! There are plenty of options like Curry, Sushi, vegetarian, and more right next door.
⬛ And the grand finale? Join the AI Meet-Up in the afternoon. With talks and drinks, of course.

Complete the day with the AI Meet-Up

3 April | 15:30-18:30 | AI Innovation Center


Join our upcoming AI Meet-Up

It’s almost time for a new AI Meet-Up: a fun way to get in touch with the artificial intelligence community and the ecosystem of the AI Innovation Center! 

During this AI Meet-Up, Michiel van Lerbeirghe from ML6 will delve into the implications of the AI Act, the legislative framework shaping the future of artificial intelligence.