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Share your unique High Tech Campus Eindhoven story with us


Let's celebrate 25 years of High Tech Campus together.

The year 2024 marks a significant milestone for us at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Exactly 25 years ago, Philips opened the doors of the NatLab and initiated the Campus.

Share your unique story

Now, with almost 300 companies located at Campus grounds, we reflect on this journey of innovation, collaboration, and progress. That is why we invite you to celebrate with us by sharing your unique story.

Whether you're an active member of our campus community, retired, or have visited us once or multiple times - we'd love to hear your story.

Your first walk on Campus, a patent filed, a memorable cup of coffee you enjoyed with a colleague or friend that sparked an amazing idea... it's up to you.


Rewind... and Fast Forward!

High Tech Campus has always been about looking ahead, pioneering new technologies, and shaping the future. We now take a moment to look back. However, our reflection is not just about reminiscing; it's about understanding how our past propels us forward.

We rewind time to appreciate our history, acknowledging the challenges overcome and the milestones achieved. Simultaneously, we fast-forward in time, envisioning possibilities and innovations that lie ahead. Looking back and moving forward  is the essence of our journey.

Your story is an integral part of our collective narrative. Whether you've been with us from the beginning or have recently joined our community, your experiences, insights, and memories enhance the collective story of High Tech Campus.

Here are some rules and regulations for submissions:

  • Story deadline: Friday, December 6, 2024.
  • You can submit multiple stories: feel free to share as many experiences as you like.
  • If the story was published before or contains quotes/lyrics, please point out the original source.
  • You can submit photos: images to accompany your stories are welcomed and encouraged.
  • You can let us know if you want to stay anonymous: we respect your privacy preferences.


Depending on the number and kind of stories we receive, we will come up with a purpose. This could be:

  • Publishing them on our blog.
  • Sharing nice anecdotes on social media.
  • Printing them on banners.
  • Bundling them in a book.

To spark your creativity, here are some suggestions of stories you could share:

  • Your first walk on campus: your initial impressions, the atmosphere, your excitement.
  • The most challenging day you had here: reflect on a difficult project, a setback, and the lessons it taught you about resilience and growth.
  • How did you feel? Dive into the emotions you experienced during pivotal moments on campus.
  • Coffee with a friend/colleague: share a memorable conversation or idea exchange that occurred over a cup of coffee.
  • Share a famous quote or lyric: provide a quote that inspires you and explain its significance to your journey at High Tech Campus Eindhoven.
  • Your first patent filed: detail the process, the idea behind it, and the excitement of innovation.
  • First investment: discuss your first venture or project funded and the lessons learned.


Let's celebrate together in 2024 by sharing our stories, connecting over shared experiences, and embracing the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines us. Your voice matters, and we can't wait to hear from you.

Thank you for being a part of High Tech Campus, and here's to the next 25 years!


If you have any questions, remarks or multiple photos to submit, please reach out to marcom@hightechcampus.com 

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Photo taken by: Robert Bresser | Kapturedtraveling